“Los Paraísos Perdidos” Collection

“Los Paraísos Perdidos” 2025 Collection Marco&María


“Stop crying for the lost paradises, we never lost them because we never had them,
they only exist in your mind”

Any cherished place become a paradise that the mind forges as idyllic.

Those places we can only revisit with our memories and thoughts.

Lost paradises exist, although not everyone can reach them.

Sometimes it’s necessary to lose them to be able to find them.

Many leave them thinking they’ll find them elsewhere, and when they return later,
much later than they’d like, they find them. But stronger, more incredible, “more paradises”.

Paradises must be seen, as they likely hide behind our everyday world.

They watch us, they call us, and we don’t want to hear them.

They chase us in dreams, and only longing, nostalgia, and courage will make us return to find them, each our own.

The mixing and the beauties that derive from it, both cultural and artistic,
are the product of the daily search for our lost paradises.




“Los Paraísos Perdidos”