About us


Spanish designers Marco Marrero and María Díaz began their professional career in 1990 with the opening of their first atelier in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Some years later, they found the brand Marco&María, going on to form part of the collective of promotion of the fashion industry of the island of Tenerife, Tenerife Moda and starting its international expansion.

Far from the common massive production stitching, Marco&Maria designs and produces each piece with the rigor of an artisanal production process in its own factory located in Spain.

The brand counts with its flagship store located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, and its collections are available in more than 30 multibrand shops referred in the bridal sector around Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, Arab Emirates, United States and Latin America.

Nowadays the brand attends the bridal markets of Barcelona and NY and is immersed in its expansion in the United States and Latin America.