“El Lenguaje de lo Invisible” Collection

“El Lenguaje de lo Invisible” Marco&María 2024 Collection


Visualising is not the same as seeing…….
The silence during years in my life took me to converting my invisibility into signs made through my everyday world.
I would remove my glasses for you to know that I was asking you for silence.
I would look above them so you would know I was judging you.
I would use them to play with them and say something about my self-esteem.
When they brushed my lips, I would assure an affirmation before the nervousness so that I would calm down.
Doing it I would ask you to gain time to delay something that wasn’t convenient for me.
I would ask you for silence to be able to gain security.
If my glasses returned to my handbag or my drawer, it would mean that you had won, and the conversation had ended
full of negative feelings.
This is how I converted my movements into signs that represented something
that was not appropriate to say in an evident way.



“El Lenguaje de lo Invisible”