“El Reino Ignorado” Collection

“El Reino Ignorado”, the plant kingdom comes to life in the new Marco&María collection


The inspiration behind this collection is the intelligent world of plants.

We, humans, tend to look at plants as passive and insensible beings. Beings whose only ability is to ornate our lives.
Something far from reality.

Plants cannot feel thrilled, but they observe and communicate with us.

Plants make us remember events. Plants trick us, they know how to defend themselves, and they’re able to adapt to any all
sort of extreme conditions we expose them.

Plants have very diverse behaviours we should learn.

Plants interact with their environment, no matter how many times it changes, without destroying it or damaging it.

They are poetic, creative. Plants change and, even when they die, they’re able to reborn after some time.

Their world is still unknown, mysterious, complex and tremendously beautiful.

Many legends tell us that we were plants before becoming humans, something that determines our behaviour in our lives:
vulnerability, strength, determination and, even, our way to love.

It is probably true that lovers who don’t want to separate become trees in the end so they can share their roots on the
ground to remain together for eternity.




“El Reino Ignorado” Fashion Film