Marco & María, stories of love and dressmakers in #VBBFW19

26 April, 2019

It’s been ten years since the first time we steped into Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week catwalk. We’ve evolved, changed and grown up as dressmakers… And after this we’ve decided to travel back to the origins to create this 2020 collection.

Our 2020 collection pays tribute to the handsewn clothing and to former dressmakers since they were our inspiration to become what we’re now. This is a collection full of craftmaking and details inspired in the Canarian technique of calados. These dresses are made of tulles, muslims and embroidered fabrics harmoniously combined with ribbons and jewelry appliques.

For this 2020 collection we’ve designed light shaded dresses. These are sensual dresses of different shapes and drapery touches. This is an evocative collection, suggestive and sophisticated with reminiscences of the past.

But travelling back to present the best we can do is to thank everyone present in our fashion show for their warm welcome they’ve given us and our collection. We’ll always be thankful to all of you for dreaming and travelling with as as far as our imaginations can do it. In addition, sharing this special moment with our good friends Marta Sánchez, Carola Baleztena, Fabiola Osborne and Gisela has been a wonerful experience.

Thanks to Martina Dorta for creating this unique pieces for our designs. Also, thanks to Studio Cortés for the great production and casting you’ve made. XXL Comunicación, thanks for your good job these days. Of course, we would like to thank Crisanto and his make up and hairstyling team for being superb. And thanks to Tenerife Moda for the unconditional support.

And for the last but not for the least, we would love to thank to all the media for sharing this moment with us.

Pics by Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Blanco y Caramelo and Biel Sol.

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