“The Shape of Water” in L’Officiel Baltic

21 May, 2021

L’Officiel Baltic publishes The Shape of Water, our last editorial. We’ve worked with an incredible team to create a special atmosphere. Model Mireia Lalaguna looks like stepping out of a dreamland in this mysterious shooting..

Two dresses from our Hay Mujeres collection star this shooting. One with a cape embroidered with vegetal motifs in raffia. And another with a beehive texture embellished with crystal.

Thank you Noelia Villaverde for counting on us once more.



Photography: Pier Francesco Artini

Art Direction: Roberta Terra

Model: Mireia Lalaguna

Stylism: Noelia Villaverde

Production: Bea Iglesias

Set Designer: Antonio Ibáñez

Wardrobe: Marco & María

Make Up: Bea Iglesias

Hairstyling: Maison Eduardo Sánchez

Video: Francis Magán

Studio: AR.TE studio

Agency: New Icon Models


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