Almudena Cid, pure magic

19 December, 2019

Magic is everywhere, where you least expect it, even in photographies like these. This year we had the chance to participate in a shooting with Almudena Cid as the main star. The result? Pure magic.

They use to say that there’s no light without darkness and Almudena shines with her light surrounded by the past. They’re evocative images impossible not to love.

Almudena wore two dresses in this shooting. The first one made of a crystal and paillette embroidered tulle and lace mix. Then, the second one made of silk tulle with gold and copper coloured paillettes.

It has been a pleasure for us to be part of this shooting. We’ve loved to work with Almudena Cid, Nerea Torrijos, Martina Dorta, Beatriz López, El Taller de los Detalles, Más Que Momentos, Diego Kataryniuk and Ernesto Báez.

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