Christmas have arrived at Marco & María!

2 December, 2021

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year. That’s why we try to create the most special window each Christmas. This year’s stars are the Christmas cards, those we used to write filled with love and send to our loved ones, friends, family… Those cards decorated our home, making it feel warmer.

Yes, we love the fast-paced communication that social media offers and, we love also being able to talk with our loved ones on the other side of the planet via messages. But Christmas is unique, intimate and close. That’s the way we wanted to portray it in our window.

We’ve also wanted to remember the Christmas carols so usual this time of the year. Each one of those music sheets reminds us of beautiful moments lived while hearing them. All we want to do with this window is to bring back the excitement we experienced as kids every Christmas in these times of need.


I just wish that …

wherever you look,
you see joy,
what you touch,
be love,
what you feel,
be peace
and where you walk,
be your happiness

Merry Christmas!”

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