Marco & María Fashion Show “Hay Mujeres”

21 September, 2020

As Elvira Sastre’s poem says “And there’s you. You’re all those women in one”. That’s how the “Hay Mujeres” fashion show was, the new Marco & María collection debuted past Sunday 20th September at 18:30. Every woman walked the catwalk in the digital presentation of the new collection on our web and YouTube channel.

We wanted to show that there’s always a way to step into the light from the darkness.

This collection is inspired by Elvira Sastre’s poem “Una cien veces”. It illustrates every woman, each personality and each heart. The richness of the texture, fabrics and figures radiates feminity and highlights it, dressing it in sophistication and melancholy.

Nothing would have been possible without all they. Thanks, Más Q Moda for an incredible production and a wonderful casting. Thanks, Martina Dorta for always creating the perfect accessory for each collection. Thanks, Tenerife MakeUp, for making our models shine even more. Thank you, Roberto, from KLV, for involving so much in every project we do together. Thank you, Big Fish, for creating the perfect illumination for our story. Thank you, Carlos, from Greenland, for creating the perfect atmosphere with music. Thank you Lara for making the filming session sweeter. Thanks, Clínica Bonome for being so supportive of our projects. And thank you Recinto Ferial de Santa Cruz de Tenerife for making us feel like home and making things easy for us.

And the most important of all, thanks to you all for your warm welcome. We’re head over heels with it! Making a fashion show has been a real challenge this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all your support.

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