Sarah Loinaz brings La Palma on the Miss Universe stage

13 December, 2021

After the shock Sarah Loinaz (Miss Universe Spain 2021) experienced in her visit to La Palma, we decided to pay tribute to the beautiful island and its inhabitants. That’s why we designed the dress Sarah wore at the Miss Universe finals in Israel.

The dress draws Sarah’s figure as a cloak of ashes that vanishes progressively. After that, the colours get brighter until you can see gold flashes that remind us of a hopeful future. It’s a dress made with tulle embroidered with crystals and paillettes in different hues, creating a gradient. This dress is very emotional for us, and we wanted to share the message of strength and hope from La Palma inhabitants with the world.

Thank you, Sarah and the Miss Universe Spain organisation for trusting us once more.


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