Don’t let them steal your Spring

8 October, 2020

Spring is the bridal month par excellence, but brides couldn’t enjoy it this year because of the quarantine. This time of light, flowers and preparations for the wedding disappeared. But we want to fix this and give it back to our brides.

That’s why Marco Marrero and María Díaz have designed a second bridal dresses line inspired by this season. Dresses filled with floral motifs and little details that you’ll find in our Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s flagship store.

Thank you María Jordán for your talent behind the lens. Thanks, Irene Frarios for an inspiring and moving video. Thank you Yolanda Amoedo for embodying the prettiest Spring. Thanks, Marc Philguer for your excellent hair and make up work for Tenerife MakeUp. And for the last, thank you Más Q Moda for always doing the best you can in all our projects.

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