“The Last Rose of Summer” Marco & María Fashion Show, a dream night

19 September, 2018

Throughout our 25 years of history we’ve lived many unforgettable moments. Moments filled with hopeful anticipation and magic, moments that inspired and helped us to keep going. We feel really lucky today since we keep adding more and more unforgettable moments in our history. We brought to life the last rose of summer, the one Thomas Moore wrote about and that has given us unique experiences.

We couldn’t think of a better place for our last rose of summer to bloom than Puerto de la Cruz. The city where we were born and the place where we grow as a brand lend us one of the most magical places we could ever imagine, the Jardín Botánico. Now we can’t help ourselves, but think about 7th September like one of the most special days in our lives.

Thanks to the hard work and the effort of Mas Q Moda Canarias agency, we created a unique fashion show to make everyone’s dream like never before. They did a wonderful work with the casting of our roses. And we also were able to listen to the Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil de Tenerife “Miguel Jaubert” creating a fairytale atmosphere for a special night.

Every fairy tale has it’s own fairy good mother, of course. And we had our own. Marta Sánchez, great artist and a dear friend that has given us her support throughout our entire career. Hearing her sing Barbara Streisand’s “Papa, can you hear me?” gave us chills. We met while that song was playing and we consider it our origin. We’ll keep this wonderful memory forever. Thanks for being there Marta, and thanks Garci for gifting us your talent.



A lot of help is needed to makea fashion show like this. Thanks Martina Dorta for creating the perfect headpieces matching our designs. We can’t forget about the wonderful hair and makeup team leaded by our dear friend Franko. They made our roses shine. We can’t forget either all the people that have helped us to make our last rose of summer bloom: Mercedes Benz Grupo Rahn, Ayuntamiento de Puerto de la Cruz, ICIA, Tenerife Moda and Gobierno de Canarias.

Thanks to all the media for the coverage of such a special event for us. And also thanks to all the collaborators Lays, Heineken, Fund Grube, Seagrams, Mumm, Clínica Bonome, Ocio Costa Martiánez, Finca y Catering La Gañanía, Montesano, Adela Caicoya, Más que vuelos, Hotel Atlantic Mirage y Hotel Botánico The Oriental Spa Garden and Transformer Bodas y Eventos.

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